The Final Push For The "Stuventory"

For the backstory, see: stus-last-lesson-sky-telescopes-focal-point-for-december-2014

For the December, 2014 Sky & Telescope Focal Point article in PDF format, click HERE.

If you're heavy on equipment and light on organization, please give the above a read!

Dr. Stuart Forster (1956-2011, obit) was a long-time Syracuse Astronomical Society (SAS) member, former president, secretary, contributing author, scope builder, astrophotographer extraordinaire, host to several of the Messier Marathons that marked the beginning of the SAS observing year, multi-lecturer at past meetings and Summer Seminars, a true amateur astronomer’s astronomer whose knowledge of observing and equipment was as expansive as the summertime Milky Way – and a respected physician and devoted husband and father.

Welcome to the page! Whether you're here just to browse, or are considering buying something from the collection, I encourage you to read the Focal Point article – if this sounds like you, please do your family and fellow observers a favor and give a little time to making sure your collection finds its way to where you would want it to go.

If you want to purchase something, I will honor first contact and request for a period of ONE WEEK. Please arrange for pickup in a timely manner! Send an email to to purchase, ask any questions, or request additional pictures.

Rings And Plates

Finders, Collimators, And Focusers

Tripods, Mounts

After the SBIG collection, the below is the hardest of the collection to address. The Losmandy GM 200 was the only mount that was actually set up in a dome (the AP600 and Losmandy G-11 were sitting cable-less but assembled in the garage), but it was partly disassembled when we finally got to it. For all mounts, the cables and controllers are either not present or possibly in a mix in a box.

The bad news is that these pieces are available "as is" with whatever scouring through what cables/controllers are present one wants to do – which makes pricing them difficult. That said, we are happy to offset the cost of your having to buy everything else online by moving everything below at a considerable discount. Until we've prices figured out, feel free to make an offer for anything below, including the tripod stands.

Books And Software

SBIG And Related

Stu was an avid astrophotographer and had a collection that showed his appreciation of the latest-and-greatest in equipment. As one might imagine, the purchase of brand-new version "A" meant packing up most of what was used for older version "B." There are three SBIG cameras and lots of assorted cables and adapters. We've no idea (at all) which work flawlessly or if one camera has something wrong with it.

If someone wants to try a camera to see if it works, we're willing to let you try-before-you buy, else we're happy to take offers on any of the SBIG collection (which will be better documented after some of the above gets sold). If you want to come out and see the pieces in hopes of putting something together, please let Damian know. If you want to make an offer on any of this collection, we are happy to entertain it!