Free Astronomy Magazine –March-April 2022 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Above: Will an 18-segment honeycomb arrangement ever mean anything different? Optics, strategically-placed logo, and technical staff during JWST testing and assembly . Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn.

The most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (March-April 2022) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at

Delighted to have as my first Solar System Ambassador article for the year the successful launch and delivery of the James Webb Space Telescope. With a hard cut-off for translation and publishing of February 15th for this issue, it was impossible to include the several significant updates to have occurred since the final edits went out for review. Just like the Perseverance article! Just like the DAVINCI+/VERITAS article! Something about trying to cover cutting-edge space science in a bi-monthly magazine translated into four languages…

I've binoculars that looked at least this bad before collimation. From NASA: "This image mosaic was created by pointing the telescope at a bright, isolated star in the constellation Ursa Major known as HD 84406. This star was chosen specifically because it is easily identifiable and not crowded by other stars of similar brightness, which helps to reduce background confusion. Each dot within the mosaic is labeled by the corresponding primary mirror segment that captured it. These initial results closely match expectations and simulations. Credit: NASA"

Additional original content includes our fearless editor's extensive review of the detection and additional searching for Proxima b (with reports of the confirmation of Proxima d also coming just as this issue was version-locked for publication), as well as François Blateyron's article about sundials and the Shadows app – which I'd never before heard of before but am now inclined to try to expand the utility of the backyard garden.

Browser-readable version:

Jump to the PDF download (27.3 MB): March-April 2022

Mac Mini + SSD = Happy. You Should Have Done This Years Ago.

It took me longer to reboot my well-out-of-Applecare 2014/2015 Mac Mini after a Monterey (OSX 12.1. Not even the upgrade to 12.2!) install than it did to:

  1. Say "f-it, this stinks."
  2. Pull a Crucial SSD drive from an unused Linux box
  3. Find my Mac-friendly tool set – it, like the alphabet, contains all the answers for the questions you might ask during this process. This Kobalt 20-Piece Kit does the trick (and more) if you can find it.
  4. Watch this video –
  5. Do the full upgrade with three brief pauses. I did not need the coat hanger trick. A few good pushes with the fingers on one hand was enough to dislodge the logic board.
  6. Cut, crimp, and run new cat6 from switch to entertainment center
  7. Run an Internet Recovery install (of Monterey)
  8. Set up two user accounts
  9. Transfer a full Photos library

As a parent with a toddler obsessed with trucks (20, to be exact), NASA and SpaceX launches, and (this month) Rush (The Professor!) concerts, the minutes saved on the reboots and youtube loading is worth its weight in gold-pressed latinum. The performance change is dramatic and the upgrade is completely worth your time.

Mark or Marc. I did not dig harder. Bless this man.