Better Borg Battery Building – SU A&S Sesquicentennial “Cutting Edge” Polyacetylene Feature

Title says it all (A&S Article | Local PDF). As to the "Resistance Is Futile" subheading, we can ponder the futility of a material trying to not manifest an intrinsic property under stimulus, but you’d get many more visits to your site debating the relevance of anthropomorphizing members of The Collective.

With thanks to Daniel Bernardi of the (and my) College of Arts and Sciences for the article and for keeping the science behind the original article understandable.

Chemistry Of Materials – Cover Art For "Preparation Of Ordered Polyacetylene By Solid-State Polymerization In Nanoscale Confinement"

Chemistry of Materials, March 10, 2020, Volume 32, Issue 5, Pages 1703-2194, Editor: Tara JEM: Esther RTP: Cathy Fisher

As appearing at – icing on the cake that was the accepted article (as described at this link and courtesy of VMD and GIMP).