Will All The Syracuse Skyline Photographers Please Stand Up?

I've had a few people (and, now, a special one in particular) notice the gallery of Syracuse scenery and am wondering if there's anyone else out there more obsessive-compulsive about local photography than I am (I've seen at least three that pull over on 81N/S to snap photos or just stand there and marvel). If, by chance, someone in the reading audience happened to take any or a series of photos of the Syracuse sky near sunset (7 to 8 pm) on August 6th, 2006, please drop a line. You'll be very glad you did.

Sumthing Wicked Your Way Comes

razsum band
razsum band

Yes, nepotism is alive and well on the internet.

Ska-happy Razbari Sumthing (that's Greg in the middle) and I (bottom middle) take a moment to celebrate their two Sammys for People's Choice and Best Alternative Rock. Prior to their "The Simple Life"-meets-"This Is Spinal Tap" U.S. tour, the boys in the band treated the June 2nd Taste Of Syracuse audience under the SubCat Records tent to 45 minutes of pure energy. If you see the RAZSUM New York license plate in your town, check the razsum site to see where that van'll stop a'rockin'. The Allis clan also appeared in full form to support the youngest. Mothers, fathers, and yia yia's from all around approved.