For The Windows-Specific: Sed For Windows And A .bat File To Get Gaussian09 Files Working With aClimax

Provided you've installed Sed For Windows and know its proper path, the .bat file below should make all the modifications you need to your Gaussian09 .out files (in differently-named files at that) to get them properly loading in aClimax (see the previous post for all the details). A few simple steps:

1. Download and install Sed for Windows. Currently available at:

2. Find its location on your machine. Under XP (where I'm using aClimax), this should be C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin

3. Copy + paste the text below into Notepad and save that as "aClimax_converter.bat" or something. NOTE: The quotes are IMPORTANT! You risk saving the file as an aClimax_converter.bat.txt file otherwise. The pause is optional. If there's something wrong with the conversion, keeping the pause will let you see the error. If, by some miracle, your Sed is installed elsewhere, change the PATH statement below. The .aclimaxconversion_step1 file will be deleted (just there for doing sequential Sed'ing in case additional modifications are needed in the future).

PATH=C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin;
sed.exe "s/  Atom  AN/ Atom AN /g" %1 > %1.aclimaxconversion_step1
sed.exe "s/ Atom   / Atom/g" %1.aclimaxconversion_step1 > %1.aClimaxable.out
del %1.aclimaxconversion_step1

4. If the path is right, just drag + drop your .out files onto the .bat file (with a shortcut to the .bat file, or place a copy of the file in your working directory).

5. Finally, try opening one of the .aClimaxeable.out files in aClimax and report back if you've any problems.

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