Fuse Box Description and Amperage Settings For "New" Volkswagen Beetles

The Volkswagen New Beetle.  You can get a full-sized drum set into these things (although a 24" kick's going to require a padded case), a fact I learned after I bought the car in 2002, as my old Pearl Prestige Session drums had, at the time, been stolen by an antiquities-dealing crack addict who was part of a police sting operation to catch a drug lord on Syracuse's West Side.  One of my better band stories and proof that people on drugs are not in their right state of mind.  Also handy for transporting computer clusters across state lines.

The old Nanorex cluster and my Al Foster-phase Pearl Prestige Session kit.  Click on either for a larger image.

Just so no one else has to spend as much time looking around for this information as I did to figure out a problem with my Blinker/Hazard Relay, I provide the fuse box diagram below (for google and beyond).  Click on the image for a larger view.

If you lost this card, print and shove into the glove box.  You will eventually find it handy.


4 Replies to “Fuse Box Description and Amperage Settings For "New" Volkswagen Beetles”

  1. Thank you for the ONLY New Beetle fuse box diagram on www.
    I hav a problem with my side mirrors – I can’t move them with the inside knobs – I thought it might be the fuse but from your description it seems there’s no fuse for side mirrors…?
    Thanks again?

  2. 1. You're very welcome! The only traffic my site gets some days…
    2. I regret that I've no idea, as my Beetle is now 16 years behind me and I spent all of my online learning time trying to make the AC work (turned on three times in six year. Was magical when it did).

  3. I have a 2014 volkswagen beetle. The cigarette lighter is not working so I figured it is a blown fuse. But there is no way of identifying the fuse that needs to be changed. There are two fuse boxes on this vehicle. So to find the correct fuse is very challenging. Can you help? If so because nothing is marked on the fuse box would you happen to know which fuse needs changed. Very confusing and not specified any where either in the manual or on the fuse box itself. Ty in advance

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