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In the midst of a blog marathon…

Peter Kutchukian, a current graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard, has started a new nanotechnology-related art/gallery site, As part of his first content round, which include a number of experimental, computational (myself included), and purely artistic nanoscale images, Peter requested a few from my gallery, which I was delighted to submit to his site. Included are the bearing assembly (below) and the ever-popular fused diamondoid single-walled carbon nanotube van der Waals crimp junction.

bearing assembly

His interest in some of the carbon nanotube/dative bond designs in the gallery also motivated me to finally repost the slides from my first nanotech talk, The Design of Carbon Nanotube-Based Dative Structures from Supramolecular Principles, at the Foresight Nanotech Institute 10th Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology from way back in 2002.

dative bond talk

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