A Political Blog Entry! Or "Space Is The Place" To Have A Race

"If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve." – William Tecumseh Sherman

I'm posting to mark my uncontested election this month as president of the Syracuse Astronomical Society (SAS). I ran a strong campaign for change, because we needed change. It was important to have change. Change.

Yeah, I didn't buy it either. I bought the snacks instead, which went over well (after the election, of course). The one thing I did change, however, was the old website, which now has a more "immediately-accessible" look to it. Anyone maintaining a phenomenal memory and paying very close attention will note the striking similarity between the SAS site and somewhereville.com before I jumped ship to WordPress.

If, by odd chance, you're within some indeterminate range of Syracuse or Tully, found my site and DIDN'T know about the SAS and our public observing schedule, I urge you to check the group out. We'd love to see you. Well, we'd love to see your dark, featureless outline and know you only by your voice. And, please, don't take it personal if people treat you like you're brand new even after a second or third visit to Darling Hill Observatory. I'm usually easy to find, set up on one of the concrete pads with nothing but a drum throne and my tripod-mounted Nikon Action 10×50 binoculars. Meeting schedule times (including public viewing) are available at the SAS website. I'm endeavoring to remain organized enough this year to post a biweekly message on the SAS website, keeping track of all of the astronomy/space science news that passes through digg and ./ every day, as well as keeping track of all of the non-SAS meetings of astronomical interest that are occurring in the area (such as the running Sky Chart exhibit in Shaffer Art Gallery on the SU campus). The next message will include information about our membership in the NASA Night Sky Network, which may have also led you to this site en route to the official SAS website.

…and what better way to throw in a Sun Ra reference?


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