Qubits (And Mark Burginger) Featured At Renderosity

I mentioned in a previous post about the good news being had by Mark and family with his Qubits building blocks. His toys (and graphics, which are also excellent) are featured on the main page of renderosity.com, a computer graphics art community site (there really is other content on the site besides hi-res women's fashion (or lack thereof)). Now everyone can see what it was I was talking about (and why not yet another google hit for the Qubits website?). The article feedback is looking pretty positive as well.

Despite Marsha Carlson's best efforts, I still don't quote well. Fortunately, they managed to switch the order of my first and middle name (I oft' wonder why the "Gregory" shows up everywhere), so people might wind up mistaking me for someone else.

Just for the sake of keeping records, a pdf of the article is available HERE.


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