OpenSuse Linux 10.0 Install On ASUS K8N-DL Motherboards Requires BIOS Update (1007)

Another little pointer for those searching madly for Linux installation help. Working on OpenSuse installations on a number of ASUS K8N-DL motherboards. On these boards, Suse installation goes just fine for all of 30 seconds, then freezes cold. After much searching, it was discovered that the BIOS requires updating. The fix is as follows (it's a good idea to update the board BIOS anyway when you first buy it. No telling how long the board sat on a shelf somewhere before you got to it).

1. Go to
2. Click on DOWNLOADS (or just click HERE as long as the link works).
3. Type K8N-DL in the "Input Model to Searc" (sic) search box (or whatever board you have).
4. Click on the available K8N-DL link and download the first file (should be, version 1007, 2005/10/26 update or whatever the latest one is).
5. Put the unzipped file D8003a00.700 on a floppy.
6. Reboot the machine in question.
7. Hit Alt-F2 to get to the FlashBIOS update.
8. Let the update go and wait patiently.

After this, OpenSuse 10.0 will/should install just fine.

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