A Three-peat For The DGA NMT Article In ATT

From the shameless self-promotion department, posting here to make mention of a three-peat appearance of my article "The 16-Inch F/4.5 Collapsible-Truss Dobsonian From New Moon Telescopes" in Astronomy Technology Today (ATT), a magazine I have been very happily subscribed to for a decade now. The re-reappearance in the next-to-next-to-latest issue (now making it Volume 7 Issue 3, Volume 12 Issue 5, and Volume 16 Issue 3) is the tail end of the issue discussion/theme provided by Keith Venables FRAS about "The Future Of The Dobsonian," for which I would consider New Moon Telescope's continued efforts at optimizing size, weight, and automation to be one of the best examples of builder-driven experimentation (and, given Ryan's track record, success) – the best evidence of that process is that the model of scope in the review is nowhere to be found anymore for sale on the NMT website (a point mentioned by the editor in the issue!), although you certainly see aspects of the lineage in the current offerings.

As for my own "Ruby" – NMT #1 (and on display at the top of this post), I continue to not want for another despite the many, many advancements that have gone into Ryan's current lines, nor do I look at other scopes on the market in magazines such as ATT and go "I wouldn't mind one of those," which, plus the three prints of the original article, is as good free marketing as I can muster.

Also making mention here of a new facebook/meta group dedicated to New Moon Telescope Owners.

Free Astronomy Magazine –July-August 2022 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Above: The broken shell from which the bird arose (well, backshell. And helicopter, not bird. However you describe it, an eerie image from a mission that has gone amazingly well) – Ingenuity's picture of the Perseverance backshell in Jezero Grater from flight 26 on 19 April 2022.

The most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (July-August 2022) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at www.astropublishing.com.

Happy to share top billing with an image from an article by our fearless leader Michele Ferrara. My contribution this month (with my NASA SSA hat on) updates on the current status of the Ingenuity helicopter as it approaches Martian winter. We just caught that last flight in the article before going to digital print and, as of late, Ingenuity is official in hibernation mode awaiting more pleasant (by Mars standards) conditions on the ground.

Browser-readable version: www.astropublishing.com/4FAM2022/

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