“If it ever snows here, I’m going to take off.”

My yia yia began handing out copies of the following recently (click to enlarge), a long-time-coming reunion between my great grandmother, Canellio Constas, and her kid brother, Christopher Geracimos. I decided it was worth sharing a little history with those interested, given the commonality of the last names (and many others related to Goritsa google searches) I’m finding on the net (it was, after all, a small village at the time). My proofreading skills weren’t, back then, what they are now (I may have been speaking by June 17th of that year, but don’t remember much about it), else I would have caught some of the errors that, to this day, find their way into Post-Standard newsprint.

A few asides…

1. Goritsa, a bustling suburb of Tsintzina, Greece.

2. The spelling is correct in the image caption. Canellio (that’s Ka-nehl-yo)

3. According to the version of the story I heard, she feared that her home WOULDN’T be greatly changed. Once you’ve had that taste of indoor plumbing, everything else seems unbearably rustic (those that know me well now know where I get at least one of my subtle qualities from). I particularly enjoy mention of great-great-uncle Chris’s letters about Goritsa modernization.

And many thanks to Demetri Andritsakis for putting the www.tsintzina.com website together, providing a lot more history and some great scenery.


Sumthing Wicked Your Way Comes

razsum band
razsum band

Yes, nepotism is alive and well on the internet.

Ska-happy Razbari Sumthing (that’s Greg in the middle) and I (bottom middle) take a moment to celebrate their two Sammys for People’s Choice and Best Alternative Rock. Prior to their “The Simple Life“-meets-“This Is Spinal Tap” U.S. tour, the boys in the band treated the June 2nd Taste Of Syracuse audience under the SubCat Records tent to 45 minutes of pure energy. If you see the RAZSUM New York license plate in your town, check the razsum site to see where that van’ll stop a’rockin’. The Allis clan also appeared in full form to support the youngest. Mothers, fathers, and yia yia’s from all around approved.


Blogging My Mother’s Melomakarona

A perfect record of mostly clean Allis web content remains unchallenged with the recent feature of my mother, Maria, on the WIXT morning show Bridge Street. There are, as of tonight, 21,500 google hits for good olde fashioned Greek octane, the honey-drenched cookie known as Melomakarona, none of which you need anymore with the posting of my mother’s recipe on the Bridge Street site.

And as if that weren’t enough, the show posted the cooking segment on the their website. The official link is HERE (ActiveX-powered, which means you might have to work at it if you’re not using Internet Explorer). In case their bandwidth (or filing) becomes an issue, a second copy of the segment can be found HERE.