Advanced Molecular Manufacturing et al. Interview At

Sander Olson was kind enough to offer me a chance to speak… er… type my peace in an interview at The link to the interview is HERE. I’m the new interviewee in a list that includes such heavy hitters (and friends/collabs) as Robert Freitas, Tihamer Toth-Fejel, Chris Phoenix, and none other than the good Dr. Hall.

Photos From The 13th Foresight Conference

Eye candy to fill in the main page a bit.

1. My toasted Precision M70 after two weeks. My contract prohibits me from telling you which program caused this.

2. The view outside the S.F. Marriott Hotel.

3. The Nanorex booth, Josh caught off guard.

4. Nanorex et al. at dinner. I’m the crazy-looking one.

5. On the BART en route to a long overdue dinner with Carrie.