NANONEWS: A Noteworthy Name In Nanotechnology or “I Guess No One Told Them About The Gallery.

From the “It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to” department, a little bit of free press and kind words came my way a few days back from Kacey Williams of the Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press in the form of the most recent issue of NANONEWS, the monthly newsletter at In case you’ve not been paying attention, the website recently went very 2.0 in appearance and organization, providing a excellent source of nano-related news from a hard-science perspective (a community-based Eureka Alert as it were).

My CV‘s undergone some much-needed settlement since the bio for the newsletter was provided to the website, but all the science still holds, which is just as it should be.

nanonews feature

A copy of the newsletter is sitting locally for my own documentation at


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Single-Atom Manipulation And The Chemistry Of Mechanosynthesis Slidecast At

Direct link to the Slidecast is available HERE. Local copy of Slidecast content is available HERE.

I am pleased to report that an abridged version of the talk I gave at the SME Nanosystem Roadmap Conference (containing one set of tooltip work being performed in collaboration with Eric Drexler and a second in collaboration with Robert Freitas and Ralph Merkle) is now available as a slidecast at By way of introduction, I posted about previously when the 2nd Edition of the CRC Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology was published, as the nanoscienceworks site is managed by the handbook publisher, Taylor and Francis. is an information-rich place for nano-researchers (where a biography of your truly is located), publications, and nano-related news aggregated from various sources. Slidecasts are steered PowerPoint presentations with associated audio, all in Flash format for universal playability (I think they’re more generally referred to as screencasts, but they may be new enough that you can call your own label). Unlike a typical research talk, you have time to meditate on verbal content before committing to mp3 format, quite handy when you tend to fly through concepts or find yourself inundated with new research ideas as you walk through the slides and then find yourself jotting notes and leaving long quiet spells in the audio. And if the possibilities of Slidecasts tickle your fancy and you want a thorough range of examples to steal, er, borrow presentation ideas from, I recommend heading over to, whose “About Us” is cohabitated by none other than the good Dr. Deepak Singh.

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