When Hackers And Their Little Scripts Attack WordPress Themes, Or Dr. D-Allis Talking To You About The Hidden Dangers Of Cialis (Links)

In the slightly Web 2.0-modified sentiments of the master, George Carlin,

Our thrust is to prick holes in the stiff front erected by the smut hackers. We must keep mounting an offensive to penetrate any crack in their defenses, so we can lay to rest their dominate position. We want them hung and we want stiff action. Let’s get on them. Let’s ram through a stiff permission change so it’ll be hard for them to get their hacks up. WordPress’ers have got to come together so we can whip this thing into submission. It’ll be hard on us but we can’t lick it by being soft.

There are many, many, many, many, many informative pages on WordPress hacks and their potentially long and involved fixes.  The contents of this post address one specific hack that happened recently to my own site, how to fix the hacked php file, and the steps to take to keep the hack from occurring again.  As usual, I provide as much of the text as I can in this post so that your google search for a particular phrase or snippet of php will land your here, as it well may have.  Speaking of google…

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Fuse Box Description and Amperage Settings For “New” Volkswagen Beetles

The Volkswagen New Beetle.  You can get a full-sized drum set into these things (although a 24″ kick’s going to require a padded case), a fact I learned after I bought the car in 2002, as my old Pearl Prestige Session drums had, at the time, been stolen by an antiquities-dealing crack addict who was part of a police sting operation to catch a drug lord on Syracuse‘s West Side.  One of my better band stories and proof that people on drugs are not in their right state of mind.  Also handy for transporting computer clusters across state lines.

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Zoro, Joy Williams, Ben Glover, And The Brothers Feng

With a random reunion at the Marshall St. Starbucks, I’ve found myself the guest of fellow JD Class of ’94 alum and olde buddy Mike Feng at two concerts as part of CNY Crossroads. There’s a certain logic to expecting professionalism and excellent performances from the Christian folk/rock community, as lip-sync’ing is, somehow, a smote-worthy offense. I’m reminded of an Amy Grant performance at some Billboard Music Awards show way back when during her “Heart in Motion” phase and watching the drummer ACT like he was hitting his left crash cymbal while clearly MISSING the target despite audio to the contrary. Let’s face it. If the drummer’s fakin’, the band’s plugged into ground and that’s about it.

And I’ve got two words for Ashlee Simpson. Skid Row.

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“We have no idea what’s going on up there.”


It’s a fun story, certainly a prime example of my occasional lack of common sense, and more first-hand eyewitness reporting of the state of Oswego county and points nearby. So, because I’m here to blog it, I provide below my attempted travel to Clarkson for a department colloquium and nanoworkshop.

6:00 am – begin drive to Potsdam. Cold wind, blue skies.

6:20 am – approaching Mexico, NY. Few flakes, but nothing to stop a (er, my) VW Beetle.

6:25 am – within five minutes, blue skies had turned into white skies. The abruptness of the change from non-lake effect to lake effect should have been warning enough.

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“A Tale Of Two Circuits” Or “Deep In The Heart Of Sci-Tech”

asus tyan transplant

At some point in my first or second year as a graduate student, the Spencer Research Group made a trek to Rochester to hear a talk by Senior HP Fellow Stan Williams. After some back-and-forth about the potential of nanotechnology to radically alter the development of computer chips to attain unheard of high speeds, someone in the audience piped up “Why do we need faster computers? How much faster do I need to run Word and Excel?” And this wasn’t a witty uber/1337 poking fun at bloated Windows products. This was a serious, seemingly put-off at the prospects, 60-something-suit-and-tie with, I fear, his elbow firmly on the pulse of the technology budget for his division.

Seven years later, I’m practicing transplant surgery with motherboards too big for their cases. In case this is of use to anyone, I have been, in the last year or so, 8 for 14 on the first order for ASUS K8N-DL motherboards and 12 for 14 in total, meaning 2 sit here useless. These boards are fine once they’re made to work, but the games played with installations and store return policies are far beyond the call of duty given all other time constraints. I am hoping these problems will be remedied with the beginning of a long line of Tyan Thunder K8WE purchases, with which I’m now 2 for 2 (and discovered that now I have to worry about defective MSI video cards).

And, please, never buy computer cases that come with power supplies if you intend on doing anything substantive with them (you should be fine running Excel and Word, of course). Often, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, they don’t even give you that.


“Dangerous assumptions,” he said.

Today in the elevator of my downtown Syracuse apartment building, a fourth floor tenant noticed the newly-arrived copy of Science in my hand.

“Sciiiience,” he said. “That’s some dangerous assumptions.”

“Even fundamentalist third-world communities have overworked Red Cross tents,” I replied.

The door opened and he walked out of the elevator, Bell plastic helmet box in hand. “Dangerous assumptions,” he said.

Quite possibly the oddest conversation I’ve ever had with someone I wasn’t dating. I was reminded, after shaking off the bewilderment on the ride up to my floor, of an interview prior to an MTV 10th Anniversary Special from my distant childhood, when Aerosmith performed “Dream On” with a full string orchestra (the great Michael Kamen presiding). The MTV crew had gone to several of the string players asking “Ever heard any Aerosmith?” The general consensus was No, even after 20-some-odd years of, well, you know, movin’, groovin’, you know, doin’ it like a ah, like a sex machine. The look on Steven Tyler’s face was classic. “It kinda humbles ya,” he said.


That African-American Was Crazy

“He faced the ultimate test…Whether or not you can survive death- that’s the ultimate test for your ass, ain’t it?”

I was half-way through “Richard Pryor: Live in Concert” when the news passed the wires. My iPod is never without Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor. What Lenny Bruce broke open, Richard Pryor broke through. Never before, none since. “That’s the politics, baby.”